Cinch Dura-Con™ Micro-D Connectors

Cinch Dura-Con™ Micro-D Connectors are D-shaped microminiature rectangular connectors that offer a highly adaptable design with an expanded range of termination hardware. These connectors feature a unique twist pin constructed of seven wires around a three-wire core. The twist pin maintains electrical conduction between pins and machined sockets during high shock and vibration to ensure high reliability. The highlight of the Dura-Con system is the pin contact that is made from a precision miniature spring cable with a welded tip. Cinch Dura-Con micro-D connectors are designed for applications that require rugged, durable, and high-performance interconnects. The series is ideal for applications where weight and space must be kept to a minimum while maintaining maximum reliability. Typical applications include miniaturized military and aerospace electronics, data processing equipment, and medical devices.


  • Microminiature rectangular D-shaped connectors
  • Dura-Con twist-pin contacts
  • Aluminum-zinc (AI) coating in either nickel or cadmium
  • Solder, solder cup, wire lead, and PCB pin lead options
  • Contact alignment and dielectric insulation
  • Epoxy encapsulation


  • Military ammunition
  • Avionics
  • Test equipment
  • Downhole equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Data processing

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Cinch Dura-Con™ Micro-D Connectors
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